Wally Xie

CEO, Qchain

Wally is pioneering digital marketing in the blockchain era thanks to Qchain, the first blockchain-powered custom content marketplace. Fusing his diverse background in digital marketing, data analysis and software development, Qchain is building a unique platform that will enable marketers to reach truly engaged audiences.

Wally will discuss the struggles he has faced and the lessons he has learned as he has builds Qchain after its ICO concluded this past December. Chasing an eye-popping ICO total is a simple and direct goal for entrepreneurs entering the blockchain space. However, for those whose goal is actually building a legitimate company, concluding an ICO is only the first phase of a very long struggle.

Wally will present an honest account of his team’s adventure and discuss lessons learned and mistakes he made that he would like other people to be wary of. Learn from Wally as he discusses:

Management of ICO assets.

The age-old struggle of hiring and building a compatible team.

Co-founder relationship management.

The predatory behavior of some centralized exchanges.

Balancing communication with ICO investors after the ICO.

Amidst the lofty talk of revolution and sea of change that surrounds blockchain, Wally will hopefully contribute a contrasting (and hopefully) pragmatic message of some of the practicalities and incremental steps that comprise the long march towards executing a vision.