Shawn Teow

Head of Marketing, OOjiBO

    Shawn has spent years ogling figures on spreadsheets, crafting bespoke slides, and using the words capability, horizontals and verticals (but never synergy, he has standards) while standing in front of people. He is in the Fintech space which allows him to combine his love of Tech and Money. A former economics researcher with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and management consultant to tech startups, he now serves OOjiBO as its Head of Marketing. At OOjiBO he leads traditional marketing efforts as well as market intelligence, while interacting with the Blockchain community. He believes that Blockchain is more than just a new technology but a fresh opportunity to hit “reboot” and change how institutions interact with people.

    Come hear him speak at Blockchain Asia on “Crash of the Crypto Market.  What’s important now?”, where he will speak about the importance of building based on fundamentals, securing adoption and when it’s safe to ignore “the wisdom of the crowds”.