Ras Vasilisin

Founder & CEO, Virtuse Exchange

    Founder and CEO Ras is the Founder and CEO of Singapore based Virtuse Exchange. With 20+ experience in financial services and energy trading, Ras has a deep passion for the intersection of blockchain and finance.  

    Since 2006, he has led the Virtuse Group team to become one of the most recognizable brands within the European energy industry covering futures and spot trading in carbon, electricity and gas. The company has grown to be one of the largest emission allowances traders Europe reaching revenue of EUR 250 million and servicing clients across 22 countries. Virtuse became the first foreign company to enter Chinese emissions markets in 2014, subsequently becoming the largest foreign trader in China. 

    The beginning of his professional career is associated with two major global financial centers: London and New York. After receiving a degree in finance and accounting at Pace University in New York, he worked for Mitsui, and later represented New York’s investment banking and brokerage firm, Joseph Stevens & Company, Inc. Ras utilized his Wall Street experience in Europe, where he established a brokerage company in Prague, was involved in leading financial and private equity groups.

    As a CEO and Owner of Virtuse Exchange, Ras is actively involved in providing investors exposure to cryptocurrencies in addition to commodities and other traditional investments. Bitcoin represents a quantum shift in the global financial landscape and will fundamentally transform the way finance and commerce is conducted around the world.