Daniel de Gruijter

CEO & Co-Founder, Incitement

    Crazy Business Maverick. There isn‘t a more fitting description for Daniel than that by thecrazyones.org. From building a profitable online strategy business with zero investment even before graduating to growing multi-million dollar businesses and tech projects as Head of Conversions at Mindvalley, Daniel has a track record of outstanding results.

    His entrepreneurial zeal led him to cofound Incitement where he continues to lead as CEO. Daniel is often behind-the-scenes. This is an arena where he thrives by captaining the team, pursuing operational excellence, and implementing strategies that have grown Incitement to what is now widely considered Southeast Asia‘s #1 social business. In 2014, Daniel was recognised by Richard Branson‘s Talent Unleashed Awards. He has shared the stage with other successful entrepreneurs like Khailee Ng, Managing Partner at 500 Startups.

    Incitement‘s strategic direction is often led by Daniel‘s bold and visionary business approach, one that constantly innovates, constantly disrupts. When he saw the revolution the humanitarian industry needed – and could have with today‘s technology – the idea for Inpactor and CSR Token was conceived.