Cris Tran

Director, QRC Group

    Cris Tran is the QRC Hub – Director with QRC Group, the world’s largest investment company working at the intersection of Blockchain and RegTech with offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, China and Vietnam. Cris is currently managing projects and key products of QRC globally.

    Prior to this, Cris was the Senior Leader for Frost & Sullivan, a global consulting firm, based out in Singapore. Throughout his tenure at Frost & Sullivan, Cris has consulted on multiple strategic and syndicated projects for leading multinational companies, regulators and government bodies, providing growth workshops and client counsels, among others.

    Cris is today one of the regions most sought-after speakers and thought leaders, wherein his expert opinions have been heard at seminars and industry conferences globally. Cris is also frequently featured in leading media, namely Bloomberg, Forbes, Nikkei.