Chong Lai

Founder, Rock Nano (Global)

    Chong Lai started his journey as an entrepreneur in combining art and technologies. Prior to Rock Nano Holdings, Chong Lai was working as a Interactive Director running APAC and global digital campaigns for Nokia and Microsoft. Chong Lai started Rock Nano Holdings with the aim of commercializing simulations systems, 3D realtime gestures tracking, AR, VR, A.I. machine learning, and IoT before they are trending in 2018. 11 years later and with over 30 employees, the company has now expanded further into R&D, game development, and running a CUBE (advance CAVE) system at Keppel Corp (featured in National Geographic) which won a Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Enterprise Award and Gold Award for technologies awarded by the Singapore Defence Minister for tracking the army tanks in SG50. The company now holds various upcoming patent-able IP technologies (to be announced) and new FinTech IPs.