Abdul Fattah Yatim

Chairman, Malaysia’s National Standards Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

    Mr. Abdul Fattah Yatim is the Chairman of the National Standards Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (codenamed TC/G/15 under the Department of Standards Malaysia). The Committee comprises representatives from Government agencies, Regulators, Industry, R&D organisations, NGOs and Academia. The Committee works closely at the ISO level with over 30 countries to develop standards on Blockchain.

    Mr Fattah has 40 years of work experience, starting off as an electrical engineer with the National Electricity Board, Malaysia from 1978-1983 and then switched to a career in ICT. He worked in Exxon, from 1984-1995 where his last position was the Applications Manager. He also had foreign assignments in Houston, Texas USA and London, UK.

    Since 1996 he is a consultant to both the public and private sectors in Project Management, ICT Strategic Plans, Business Process Reengineering, ICT Security and Business Continuity Management.

    Mr Fattah is a Professional Member of the OIC-CERT (Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation, Computer Emergency Response Team, www.oic-cert.org) which presently comprises CERT organisations from more than 20 countries, members from industry, and professional members. He was a Council Member of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM).

    Since 2007, he represented the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, in the Malaysian National Committee on ICT Standards (known as ISC/G Committee under the Department of Standards Malaysia) where he is presently also the Deputy Chairman. The committee oversees the development and adoption of ICT standards in Malaysia working closely with ISO. This includes Information Security, E-Commerce, Software Engineering, Intelligent Transportation, GIS, Health Informatics and IoT. The Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Standards Committee (TC/G/15) is one of the committees under ISC/G.

    Mr Fattah has given more than 20 talks on Blockchain in various platforms and conferences since 2016. He writes articles on Blockchain via his blog http://fattahyatim.wordpress.com.