Blocfest Academy: A Recap Of Events.

Blocfest Academy was a special event, curated by Blockchain Asia as a little ‘exclusive session’ for our VIP ticket holders.

Attendees arrived for an early start and were greeted by a warm and welcoming crew comprising of both the Blockchain Asia and NEM Blockchain Centre staff. After a short reception and breakfast, attendees were guided into the function hall to learn from our handpicked selection of blockchain presenters.

It was a half-day event featuring presentations from a selection of our Blocfest lineup. The speakers included:

The Future of Crypto Finance
By DJ Qian (Founder, Fusion)

DJ Qian illustrated his vision of the future of crypto finance, with particular mention to his Fusion protocol (which aims to provide the architecture for fully fledged financial functions on the blockchain). 

Crypto Wealth Management / VC/PE Investment and Crypto Fund Investment
By Mark Pui (Advisor, MW Partners)

Mark Pui shared with us his personal insights into crypto wealth management, and a behind-the-scenes look into VC/PE/Crypto Fund investment, plus some valuable tips on how to identify a good investment.

Hearing It From An ICO Lawyer
By Marcus Phuah (Founder and owner, Marcus Phuah & Co., / Managing Director, Legalasia Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd)

Marcus Phuah shed light on the important areas of the legal frameworks that currently regulate the crypto and blockchain spaces.

NEM Blockchain Projects
By Lance Cheang (Project Director) and Jasmine Ng (Director of Investment & Special Projects, NEM Malaysia)

Lance Cheang and Jasmine Ng both took separate approaches to delivering this presentation, yet they both ended driving home the point of what NEM’s mission is all about: to provide a permissionless blockchain solution that is flexible for all scales and angles of business and financial tech. Lance brought some notable NEM-specific projects to our attention, while Jasmine enphasised how blockchain has the potential to inspire social and political change.

A lovely morning and afternoon were had by all, with many quoting the experience as an “eye opening” one to the possibilities of blockchain.



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