5 Reasons To Be At Blocfest: Here’s Number 3.



For the second day of BLOCFEST, we’ve lined up three international blockchain experts to teach you some highly transferable skills. What you’ll learn here could come in very handy when it comes to setting up your own ICO, writing an actual Smart Contract or launching your own product.

1. MARK PRICE (Founder, Devslopes)

Mark Price is one of Blockchain’s leading developers and teachers, and is known for his breadth of expertise across the coding space. He regularly receives excellent reviews from his students, and as a result, Devslopes is now a household name across the industry. Join us as we explore the ins-and-outs of Ethereum smart contracts.

Workshop: What Is An Ethereum Smart Contract?

  • What is Ethereum?
  • What is a Smart Contract in Blockchain?
  • What language does Ethereum use?
  • What can Ethereum Smart Contracts be used for?

2. ROSS KRASNER & WYATT MUFSON (Co-Founders, Ryu Blockchain Technologies)

Workshop: Building A Telegram Bot

Anyone who’s ever invested in a blockchain project knows just how important Telegram is to building a strong community of support. In this workshop, you’ll get the ultimate primer on Telegram and how to maximise its use, while also learning how build your very own Telegram bot!

Trust us, this one piece of knowledge could be the difference that gets you a stake in your very own blockchain startup in the future!

3. HARPREET MAAN (Co-Founder & CEO, Blocklime Technologies)

Workshop: What is Hashgraph?

They call it the “blockchain killer” but what actually is Hashgraph and what are its advantages? In this workshop you’ll learn about the unique benefits that Hashgraph can offer consensus-based projects from an expert in the field. Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who are already nearing the development phase.

Sean’s unequivocal passion for all things blockchain blossomed in late 2016. Starting off his journey as a daytrader, he found himself quickly immersed in the projects and their visions of a decentralised future economy. He is Content Director at Blockchain Asia Connect, and publisher of blockchain blog Channel 3.0. When he’s not busy writing about and exploring the world of blockchain, he’s running his music blog passion project: Producer Hive.

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