5 Reasons To Be At Blocfest: Here’s Number 2.

Just like blockchain technology itself, our renowned speakers are having a profound effect on how business is done in countless industries and regions of the world.

Whether by spearheading academic breakthroughs, establishing blockchain communities in new regions of the world or developing technology that disrupts traditional practices, these are the technologists and theorists who hold the key to a bright new future…




Here are 3 outstanding speakers you just can’t afford to miss…

Prof. David Lee – Co-Founder, BlockAsset Ventures, LeftCoast, libai.io

Who: Professor of FinTech and Blockchain at Singapore University of Social Sciences, and early stage investor in Zcash, Qtum, Bloq, TenX and InfoCorp, amongst others.

What he stands for: Enhancing inclusiveness in the financial services industry by providing access to the underbanked.

What he has said: “Fintech can be redefined as an activity that changes the mindset and breaks down the silos for the benefit of all”

TM Lee – Co-Founder, CoinGecko

Who: One of the leading lights in the Malaysian blockchain community, TM Lee is the Co-Founder of CoinGecko, a leading market analytics platform for cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets.

What he stands for: Driving more sophisticated analysis in the investment of blockchain assets.

What he has said: “When I first got into blockchain I was seeing a lot of pump and dumps, so I wanted to make a way for people to quantify coins beyond just looking at market capitalization”

Malikkhan Kotadia – Global Digital Banker & Blockchain Evangelist

Who: Malikkhan is known globally as a man who wears many hats. Aside from a 20 year career in multinational banks, he is also a best-selling author (“The New Ages”), a keynote speaker with experience of over 100 events and a serial entrepreneur.

What he stands for: Bridging the gap between blockchain technology and the corporate world by putting technologists and progressive governments in the same room.

What he has said: “I saw the world through the eyes of the big banks….and a distinct gap in the market when it comes to collaboration between banks and fintech players”.

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