5 Reasons To Be At Blocfest: Here’s Number 1.


The World Economic Forum has proclaimed that:

“Blockchain could soon give rise to a new era of the Internet even more disruptive and transformative than the current one…leading to a generational shift in the Internet’s evolution, from an Internet of Information to a new generation Internet of Value.”

It’s one of the biggest shifts in perspective in our era, and you’re still a (very) early adopter. So why miss this opportunity to develop real, transferrable blockchain knowledge in an age when so few have?

With over 40 international blockchain thought-leaders due to speak, the insights you gain at BLOCFEST could help you:

  • Develop new, cutting-edge business opportunities for your company
  • Open doors through international partnerships
  • Improve efficiency, security and product delivery processes
  • Pave the way to better, and more lucrative, funding


The best thing? As blockchain technology is still in its infancy, whatever you gain from BLOCFEST is also an advantage gained over your competitors. So stop sitting on the fence and get yourself a ticket to the future of tech at BLOCFEST, Southeast Asia’s International Blockchain Event.

To sweeten the deal, here’s a special 40% discount code, just from us to you! Simply enter it during checkout.


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