26-27 SEPTEMBER, 2018

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Keynote 1
Blockchain Adoption Demystified
  • Building and fostering communities
  • Anti-scam, anti-speculation
After the ICO: The Old and New Struggles of Building a Blockchain Startup
Panel Discussion: VC vs ICO – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The Future Of Decentralized Networks
Farm To Table 2.0? Supply Chain, Blockchain and a New Age in Consumer Confidence
Networking session
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Seeing Eye to Eye: How Can We Work Better With Governments and Regulators?
  • Building and fostering communities
  • Anti-scam, anti-speculation
Building an Innovative Regulatory Framework towards Crypto and Blockchain
Panel Discussion: A World Without Fiat: The Future of Value Transfer
Bringing Academia To Commercial Advantage
Regulatory Importance
Networking session
Hyperledger: Blockchain For Tomorrow’s Enterprise
The Future of Crypto-Finance
Panel Discussion: The crash of the crypto market. What’s important now?
Utility vs Security: Demystifying Blockchain Assets For Businesses and Investors
Crypto Economics
Gamification: The Gateway to Mass Adoption?
Panel Discussion: Staying Relevant - Incorporating Blockchain to Scale Your Business
Blockchain in Africa
The Blockchain Ultimate Showdown: Comparing the top blockchains
  • Hashgraph
  • Instant Consensus
What's next? Next BLOCFEST date
Blockchain Governance
Privacy Protocols: What Are They and Why Should We Care?
Panel Discussion: Crypto Regulation: The State of Play
Research Findings By UM
The Future Of Blockchain Cyber-Security
Advisory 101 In ICOs
Panel Discussion: The Role of Academia; What Does an Academic Roadmap Look Like? How Can You Contribute to The Ecosystem?
What’s Next In Academic & Regulatory Trends?


Blockchain Asia strives to deliver the very best program for our respected delegates. We would like to acknowledge and thank the members of our Conference Advisory Committee who have offered their continuous support with the development of the Blocfest 2018 Conference and KL Blockchain Week program agenda.

Working alongside the Conference Advisory Committee has provided us with invaluable insight, ideas and feedback, thus enabling us to deliver a rewarding conference experience and an event program that is both thoroughly engaging and relevant to our audience.

Blocfest 2018 Conference Advisory Committee Members



Founder at ProximaX Ltd



Regional Head – SE Asia & Council Member of the Foundation