Blocfest aims to be the pivotal blockchain event for Southeast Asia, and a space where technology and innovation collide. Join us alongside the region's major corporate and industry-based players as we come together and shape the future of Southeast Asia's booming blockchain industry.



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Hear from international thought leaders and founders of major blockchain-based companies

Jonathan Kochmer

Director of Business Development, RChain Cooperative

    Lon Wong

    Founder, ProximaX Ltd

    DJ Qian

    Founder, Fusion

      Nick Giurietto

      CEO & Managing Director, ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association)

        Malikkhan Kotadia

        Global Digital Banker / FinTech and Blockchain Expert / Best-selling Author / Serial Entrepreneur / Polymath

          Alexander Busarov

          WABI, Walimai, CEO & Co-Founder

          Jonathan Ha

          CEO, Red Pulse

          Floyd D’Costa

          Co-Founder, Block Armour, BlockchainWorx SG

            Mark Pui

            Advisor, MW Partners

              Siti Zurina Sabarudin

              Founding Partner, Messrs Zurina, Advocates & Solicitors

                Atty. Joy Catherine P. Alameda

                Acting Corporate Secretary, Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA)

                  Ras Vasilisin

                  Founder & CEO, Virtuse Exchange

                    Killian O’Connor

                    COO & Co-Founder, Solo Energy

                      Karen Teoh

                      COO, Kommerce

                        Lynn Hoang

                        COO, Remitano

                          Seimin Kuan

                          CEO, Wirex Pte Ltd

                            Marcus Phuah

                            Founder and owner, Marcus Phuah & Co., / Managing Director, Legalasia Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd

                              Chun Hui Suen

                              Blockchain Lead of Kommerce / Adjunct lecturer at National University of Singapore

                                Luis Buenaventura

                                Founder, Bloom / Creator, Cryptopop

                                  Zing Yang

                                  Director, Litecoin Foundation

                                    Matthew Arnett

                                    CEO, PO8 and FORT NFT PROTOCOL

                                      Cris D. Tran

                                      Country Head, Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) Malaysia / Director, QRC Group

                                        Nicholas Pelecanos

                                        COO, Blockchain Capital Markets Group (BCMG)

                                          Quek Li Fei

                                          Partner, Colin Ng & Partners LLP

                                            Tim Tam

                                            Co-Founder & CEO, CoinFi

                                              Salman Habib

                                              Co-founder & CEO, Hellofriend

                                                Abdul Fattah Yatim

                                                Chairman, Malaysia’s National Standards Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

                                                  Robin Lee

                                                  Co-Founder & CEO, HelloGold

                                                    Daniel Nam

                                                    CEO, NPER Project

                                                      TM Lee

                                                      Co-Founder, CoinGecko

                                                        Zikry Kholil

                                                        Cofounder & CCO, Incitement

                                                          Mohd Zabri Adil Bin Talib

                                                          Head of Digital Forensics, CyberSecurity Malaysia

                                                            Reuben Yap

                                                            COO, ZCoin

                                                              Nur Husna Zakaria

                                                              Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Malaya / Researcher, University of Malaya Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies

                                                                Azmul Haque

                                                                Founder & Managing Director, Collyer Law

                                                                  Mark Price

                                                                  Founder, Devslopes Learn to Code / CEO Blockstart & Cache Token

                                                                    Wayne Chu

                                                                    Investment Partner, Mindworks Ventures

                                                                      Stephen Chia

                                                                      Regional Head, South-East Asia Foundation

                                                                      Regional Head - SE Asia at Foundation

                                                                        Violet Lim

                                                                        CEO & Co-Founder, Viola.AI, Lunch Actually Group

                                                                          Chong Lai

                                                                          Founder, Rock Nano (Global)

                                                                            Abasa Phillips

                                                                            Founder, Zilla, Primo Inc

                                                                              Wally Xie

                                                                              CEO, Qchain

                                                                              Ross Krasner

                                                                              CEO, Ryu Coin

                                                                                Jorden Seet

                                                                                Director, SMU Blockchain Club

                                                                                  Harpreet Maan

                                                                                  CEO & Co-Founder, Blocklime Technologies Sdn Bhd


                                                                                    Guest presenters and panel speakers discuss all things blockchain.
                                                                                    Blocfest will be divided into three 'tracks', namely:


                                                                                    The current regulatory landscape and what's in store for the future of blockchain regulation


                                                                                    Academic concepts and their social impact on blockchain


                                                                                    Technological aspects of blockchain and potential use-case applications

                                                                                    In addition to Blocfest, guests are invited to join us for the entirety of KL Blockchain Week

                                                                                    25 SEP 2018

                                                                                    BLOCFEST ACADEMY

                                                                                    Kick off your quest for blockchain knowledge with a series of exclusive seminars, covering everything from crypto-finance and wealth management, to blockchain law.

                                                                                    25 SEP 2018


                                                                                    The best developers and ideators hack new growth for blockchain in the region

                                                                                    26 - 27 SEP 2018


                                                                                    Guest presenters and panel speakers discuss all things blockchain

                                                                                    27 SEP 2018


                                                                                    A seminar covering the emerging field of blockchain forensics

                                                                                    TICKETING DETAILS

                                                                                    Blocfest will be held at

                                                                                    Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 26th - 27th September, 2018

                                                                                    Complete access to the 2-day Blocfest sessions

                                                                                    Hear from the region’s key players

                                                                                    Network and connect with industry experts

                                                                                    Limited Seats Available

                                                                                    SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, KUALA LUMPUR

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