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Jonathan Kochmer

Director of Business Development, RChain Cooperative

    Lon Wong

    Founder, ProximaX Ltd

    DJ Qian

    Founder, Fusion

      Nick Giurietto

      CEO & Managing Director, ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association)

        Malikkhan Kotadia

        Global Digital Banker / FinTech and Blockchain Expert / Best-selling Author / Serial Entrepreneur / Polymath

          Jason Hsu

          Member of Parliament, Legislator & Crypto Congressman, Taiwan

            Alexander Busarov

            WABI, Walimai, CEO & Co-Founder

            Jonathan Ha

            CEO, Red Pulse

            Floyd D’Costa

            Co-Founder, Block Armour, BlockchainWorx SG

              Mark Pui

              Advisor, MW Partners

                Lynn Hoang

                COO, Remitano

                  Chun Hui Suen

                  Blockchain Lead of Kommerce / Adjunct lecturer at National University of Singapore

                    Luis Buenaventura

                    Founder, Bloom / Creator, Cryptopop

                      Zing Yang

                      Director, Litecoin Foundation

                        Matthew Arnett

                        CEO, PO8 and FORT NFT PROTOCOL

                          Cris Tran

                          Director, QRC Group

                            Nicholas Pelecanos

                            COO, Blockchain Capital Markets Group (BCMG)

                              Quek Li Fei

                              Partner, Colin Ng & Partners LLP

                                Gregor Borosa

                                Founder, VEVArica s.p. / Lecturer, University of Nicosia

                                  Jane Lippencott

                                  Head of Business Development, CoinFi / Advisor, Lumen Partners

                                    Tim Tam

                                    Co-Founder & CEO, CoinFi

                                      Shawn Teow

                                      Head of Marketing, OOjiBO

                                        Salman Habib

                                        Co-founder & CEO, Hellofriend

                                          Abdul Fattah Yatim

                                          Chairman, Malaysia’s National Standards Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

                                            Robin Lee

                                            Co-Founder & CEO, HelloGold

                                              Daniel Nam

                                              CEO, NPER Project

                                                TM Lee

                                                Co-Founder, CoinGecko

                                                  Zikry Kholil

                                                  Cofounder & CCO, Incitement

                                                    Mohd Zabri Adil Bin Talib

                                                    Head of Digital Forensics, CyberSecurity Malaysia

                                                      Adil Wali

                                                      Founder/CEO, Merit

                                                        Reuben Yap

                                                        COO, ZCoin

                                                          Nur Husna Zakaria

                                                          Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Malaya / Researcher, University of Malaya Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies

                                                            Mike Scott

                                                            Founder & CEO, Nona

                                                            Prof. David Lee

                                                            Co-Founder, BlockAsset Ventures, LeftCoast, / Advisory Board Member, British Blockchain Association

                                                              Azmul Haque

                                                              Founder & Managing Director, Collyer Law

                                                                Daniel de Gruijter

                                                                CEO & Co-Founder, Incitement

                                                                  Mark Price

                                                                  Founder, Devslopes Learn to Code / CEO Blockstart & Cache Token

                                                                    Wayne Chu

                                                                    Investment Partner, Mindworks Ventures

                                                                      Stephen Chia

                                                                      Regional Head, South-East Asia Foundation

                                                                      Regional Head - SE Asia at Foundation

                                                                        Violet Lim

                                                                        CEO & Co-Founder, Viola.AI, Lunch Actually Group

                                                                          Isa Seow

                                                                          Director, Crypto Regulation Forum

                                                                            Chong Lai

                                                                            Founder, Rock Nano (Global)

                                                                              Abasa Phillips

                                                                              Founder, Zilla, Primo Inc

                                                                                Wally Xie

                                                                                CEO, Qchain

                                                                                Ross Krasner

                                                                                CEO, Ryu Coin

                                                                                  Jorden Seet

                                                                                  Director, SMU Blockchain Club

                                                                                    Harpreet Maan

                                                                                    CEO & Co-Founder, Blocklime Technologies Sdn Bhd

                                                                                      Prof. Wulf Kaal

                                                                                      University of St. Thomas School of Law - Minneapolis / Founder & CEO @ SEMADA.IO

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