Blocfest is your opportunity to hear from and connect with industry thought leaders from around the world

Nick Giurietto

CEO & Managing Director, ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association)

    Stephen Chia

    Regional Head, South-East Asia Foundation

    Regional Head - SE Asia at Foundation

      Isa Seow

      Director, Crypto Regulation Forum

        Chong Lai

        Founder, Rock Nano (Global)

          Floyd D’Costa

          Co-Founder, Block Armour, BlockchainWorx SG

            Abasa Phillips

            Founder, Zilla, Primo Inc

              Violet Lim

              CEO & Co-Founder, Viola.AI, Lunch Actually Group

                Lon Wong

                Founder, ProximaX Ltd

                Jonathan Ha

                CEO, Red Pulse

                Wally Xie

                CEO, Qchain

                Alexander Busarov

                WABI, Walimai, CEO & Co-Founder

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