Fireside Chats With Lon Wong (ProximaX) – “The Future Of Decentralised Networks”

Lon Wong is best known as the founder of ProximaX, a protocol built on NEM blockchain technology to cover industries outside the regulated financial industry. ProximaX combines blockchain, storage, streaming and an advanced consensus algorithm to enable a rich, all-in-one platform for broader cross-industry application and decentralized app development. You can learn more about the […]

Why Blockchain Could Be The End To Fraud And Corruption

Before we begin delving into fraud and corruption, the main topic of this article — let’s recap what Blockchain is. Blockchain is a distributed information system or digital ledger, that is designed with transparency, openness and security at its core. It achieves this by way of decentralisation — by dispersing data across multiple nodes, or […]

3 Reasons Why Malta Is Poised To Become The Next Silicon Valley.

All eyes are on Malta as they continue to make headlines across publications for its ‘open door’ policy across blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. A whole host of major players in the space have made the decision to expand into Malta, but why? We explore 3 reasons why Malta is becoming a hotbed for driving blockchain […]

Fireside Chats With Jonathan Ha (Red Pulse) – “Tokenising Your Business: Who, When, and Why?”

Jonathan Ha is best known as the CEO of Red Pulse, a tokenized research ecosystem for China’s economy and capital markets. The company incorporates its own cryptocurrency ‘RPX’ to facilitate an open and transparent sharing economy for research, and is developing a machine learning-based matching engine to connect industry experts with institutions seeking market insights to make better business […]

Adoption 101: 15 Milestones Out Of Southeast Asia’s Blockchain Industry

Did you know that only 27% of the 655 million population in Southeast Asia hold a bank account? With blockchain’s capacity to bank the unbanked, coupled with Southeast Asia’s rapidly booming internet access, Southeast Asia is fast becoming a hotbed for blockchain development. Investors and techpreneurs are flocking to the region for its relatively ‘relaxed’ […]

Blockchain For Your Business: 4 Things To Consider…

Blockchain For Your Business: Are You Blockchain-Ready? ‘Blockchain’ i.e. the fundamental technology born out of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin vision, has been turning heads across the globe — particularly among business owners. There’s little surprise why, with its attractive promises of heightened security, trustless transparency, and the ability to cut out intermediaries, to name a few. […]

Blockchain Jobs Up 6000% This Year?! 4 Possible Reasons…

Blockchain Jobs Continue To Soar In Demand 2017 brought an incessant amount of hype towards the blockchain space. Projects and ICOs were spawning left, right and centre, and the total market cap for cryptocurrencies grew to over half a trillion. While the cryptocurrency market has since subsided (for now), 2017 was arguably the year of […]

Fireside Chats: Wally Xie (QChain) – ‘The Challenges After ICO Funding’

Wally Xie is best known as the founder of QChain, a cryptocurrency company building the first blockchain-powered custom content marketplace. Their platform enables marketers to reach targeted and engaged audiences, and opens marketers up to an array of technical solutions to support an ecosystem of blockchain applications. Wally was kind enough to spare some time […]

4 M’sian Distributed Ledger Tech Companies To Watch In 2018 (Part 2)

Behind the scenes… Malaysian blockchain companies have been popping up across the nation, each with their own vision for a more decentralised future economy. With blockchain’s limitless scope to disrupt technology from all angles, the number of legitimate use cases for distributed ledger technology steadily rises, and more and more Malaysian technology companies are getting […]

Fireside Chats With Abasa Philips (Zilla) – “Startup Funding & Its Challenges.”

Abasa Philips is best known as the founder of Zilla, a cryptocurrency company building an application that aims to streamline and de-risk the ICO process for contributors. The app features an all-in-one, mobile solution for users to discover, compare, rank, and even participate in whitelistings and ICOs. Users can easily discover more about the project’s […]